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About us

TesoroDream is a home-based cattery specialized in Chinchilla colors in the Seattle area, WA. Our cats live with us at home and are an integral part of our family. Our animals do not live in cages or enclosures. They are loved!
All of our cats are raised in our home underfoot and kittens receive plenty of one on one attention and are well socialized and litter trained.

Our cats are selected for their great looks and come from breed-winning lines from across the world.  Our kittens are health checked, dewormed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed or neutered prior to being placed in their new homes. They are allowed to leave around 14 weeks of age and older.


Our Sires and Dames


Our Sir


Sex: male (1.0)

Date of birth: December 25, 2018

Breed: Scottish Straight (SCS)

Color: chocolate silver shaded point (bs 12 33)

Sex: female (0.1)
Date of birth: October 05, 2018
Breed: Scottish Fold (SFS)
Color: black silver shaded (ns 11 )


Our Queen



Sex: female (0.1)D

Date of birth: April 02, 2019

Breed: Scottish Fold Longhaired (SFS)

Color: chocolate silver shaded point (bs 21 33)

Our Queen


Upcoming Litter in June

ღ Romantique ღ




Purchasing a kitten


For future pet owners of our kittens. Send us a brief interview through email to ensure all our kittens go to safe and loving homes.  Please, add any information will ensure, that your place is the best for the kitten.  After approval, you will be free to place your deposit. 


Purchasing Information


Scottish Folds

***Pricing varies on individual kittens ***

*Occasionally, we will have a kitten that is priced below or  above our normal pricing and will be notated on that kitten*


 If the buyer for any reason decides to back out from purchase after receipt of deposit/money paid, the buyer will forfeit all money paid.  Please make sure you want a kitty before sending any money.
Deposits will be considered payment for boarding and lost opportunities for placement. 

Purchase Price includes


  • Age-appropriate vaccinations 

  • Dewormed

  • Microchip 

  • Spay/Neuter 

  • Pet goody bag

We have a waitlist which most of our kittens are placed through.


A deposit of $500 is required for our Straight ear kitten reservation, $850 for blue eyed kitten reservation.


We are located near Seattle, WA where you are welcome to pick up the kitten at our home or we can meet you at the CLT airport.  If delivery is needed, please message us to discuss transport via our flight nanny, which in general will run around $250 to $450 additional stateside.

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